The day after Trump’s inauguration, I dried my tears and held my head high. I marched alongside women, men and children all over the world to speak out against a growing list of concerns—from healthcare, environmental threats, hateful rhetoric, discrimination to women’s rights and so many more issues. I saw in my community a desire to rise up, to voice their opinion about how this country should be run. It was inspiring to say the least. To hear young children shouting, “Be kind, we are all friends!” at the top of their lungs brought me to tears. 

I knew I wanted to do more than march, I wanted to gather the community around me to lift up those working tirelessly for good.  I chose instagram because it's what we're all scrolling on the daily, I figured by making this auction accessible on instagram I'd get the biggest response.  

It was time to gather up and rally the troops for this auction and the wave of support I received was overwhelming. I reached out to every single brand, artist and shop owner I knew, asking for a donation for the auction and asking everyone involved to help spread the word.  Every single one said "Yes!" 

Our first auction supported The ACLU and we brought in over 15k. During first year of the Trump administration we raised a total of $66k with 3 auctions for ACLU, Planned Parenthood, Natural Resources Defense Council and Southern Poverty Law Center. There are many organizations worth this spotlight and we look forward to adding to this list of organizations. 

- Lindsay Meyer-Harley

Contact: stillweriseauction@gmail.com