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AUCTION #6 Has ended! DECEMBER 11TH-18TH

Families Belong Together +
Circle of Health

FAQs on how to bid, here.

End of Auction Donation Instructions for the Winning Bidder

1. Donate the winning amount to one or both of these organizations. 

(You can divide it how you'd like or donate all to one)

2. Once you've received your donation receipt email it to: with the name of the ITEM YOU'VE WON + Brand/Artist’s IG handle (or name) of the brand/shop/etc. in the SUBJECT LINE. This is very important so I can keep track.

3. Would you like to donate financially to keep Still We Rise running? This will allow for website upkeep, freelance hiring as needed and to pay myself a small amount for the work that goes into each auction.

Donations can be made via Venmo /

or PayPal:

Thank you so much.

peace + love


4. If you’d like to donate a piece of art/item/shop credit/service or experience to our current of future auction, click here

Joya Logue_STILL WE RISE copy.jpg

I saw in my community a desire to rise up, to voice our collective opinions about how this country should be run...

It was inspiring to say the least. To hear young children shouting, “Be kind!” at the top of their lungs brought me to tears.

I knew I wanted to do more than march, I wanted to gather the community around me to lift up those working tirelessly for good. It's time to get to work.

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